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Thread: Ranking issue

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    Ranking issue


    I have a dating site and want first page position in and but not getting it. Can any one tell me where is the problem? I am doing all white hat SEO. site keyword is India dating and site url - india.proximeety(dot)com

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    I see you have plenty of backlinks, but all of them coming from forum sites. Try to get few backlinks from Yahoo Answers and make few profile pages and even article submission may work.

    After all this, don't force the keyword ranking, try getting visits from social media sites. Since yours is a dating site, you can get good visits from Facebook.
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    so is it actually a sub domain?

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    Keep working on it, building links ... and you'll see the results.
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    It is not easy to do SEO these days and most importantly its not easy to rank in the first position in google.

    Have good quality content. That is the best way forward!

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    Well thanks for giving me suggestions would like to know more suggestions.

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    "I am doing all white hat SEO"

    What have you done so far?

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    do more backlink but do not over.
    I agree with cisanupam, you should consider to make better social promotion since you are on dating niche

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