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    Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting What are the different?

    Obviously managed are more expensive. By a factor of what?

    Also if we use managed server, can we access ssh?

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    Managed hosting means that the hosting provider will manage your hosting account. To what extent depends on the provider.

    Also the factor of price increase really depends on the provider. Shoot them a support ticket. Your best bet is to open a support ticket with the provider and ask them the questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardjoko View Post
    Obviously managed are more expensive. By a factor of what?
    Depends on whether we're talking VPS or Dedicated, and also on the provider - some may add on $10 for full management, others may give you a completely different pricing structure. It also depends what's included in the management - (a) basic installation and hardening, (b) install anything you ask, (c) proactively monitor the server and handle everything for you.

    Rough ballpark for VPS - You'd pay $5+ monthly (depending on spec) for unmanaged, $30+ monthly for managed.

    Quote Originally Posted by hardjoko View Post
    Also if we use managed server, can we access ssh?
    Usually, yes. But sometimes not if the management is type (c) above. You'd have to ask whatever provider you were looking at.

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    Host will install only OS and give you IP and root access.

    # Host will install all required software like cPanel etc.
    # Enhance security and will take care of security issues.
    # Optimize server
    # Will solve server related issue.
    # Extent of manage may differ for different host.

    Root access is given in managed hosting also (vps/ dedicated server). But some host may not give for security reason.
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    Each hosting company has their own restrictions and criteria for what falls under the umbrella of 'fully managed'. If you're considering purchasing a fully managed hosting service, it would be a good idea to check with that company first if they'll agree to perform the administrative tasks you want them to do.
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    to be precise and simple, managed services are user friendly and will have GUI features and unmanaged services are quiet complicated for a newbie. In most of the cases, unmanaged services will not have GUI interface. If you opt for unmanaged service, you should have a wide knowledge to manage the servers. Else, its better to opt for managed service. Google and you will find cheap and best managed services...

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    If you have to ask the question, choose managed.
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    As correctly said, it depends on the hosting provider. The best way to find out is fire a ticket to the host and discuss with them directly, as to know what is the "extent" of their managed role.
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    As already pointed out, this could vary a lot. usually a fully managed server would cost 2-3 times or even more, compared to unmanaged server. Depending on your level of expertise and time you can afford to spend, select a semi-managed or fully managed server. Even the names could be misleading and there is no fixed definition for what is a semi managed server.

    Most hosts would allow you have root access for managed servers, but some wont. You also have the option to select a third party server management service if you get a good unmanaged server. Chek out 'platinum server management', if you want to know more. (I am not affiliated to them and there are other providers as well)
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