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    Smile >>>>>> My 2 YEAR Anniversary with Jesus plus an Egg <<<<<<


    Easter Eggs!!! ME eat EGGS!!

    TO celerbrate with me, come to my motherland please!!
    SEE: OR

    MY Special:

    $5.95 Monthly OR $67.83 Yearly:

    • Instant Account Activation
    • 240MB of Web Space
    • 8GB of Monthly Data Transfer
    • Latest Version of Ababa Web-Based Control Panel
    • Multiple Domain Hosting (8 Domains)
    • 8 Subdomains

      You can map domains and subdomains to any directory within your home directory.

      How does it work: points to /home/sites/username/www points to /home/sites/username/mydomain2_folder points to /home/sites/username/www/

      Anyway you want as long as it is under your home directory!
    • Webalizer Graphical Site Statistics
    • PHP and Perl Scripting
    • Server Side Includes
    • 16 Email Addresses
    • 8 POP3 Mailboxes
    • Webmail with SMTP ONLY (if you are planning to use outlook, you cannot send mail with that)
    • 4 mySQL Databases
    • 4 FTP Accounts

      You can assign the home directory of your FTP account just like what you did for mapping domains. Your friends will be able manage part of your web site or let them build their own web site. You can map a domain and a subdomain to their directory after so he/she can access to the site.
    • Cron Jobs
    • mySQL and Site Backup & Restore
    • Audio & Video Streaming via HTTP
    • 24 x 7 Support
    • and more...

    $5.95 Monthly OR $67.83 Yearly:

    When ordering, select Ababa UNIX 2 OR Ababa UNIX 2 Yearly Payment. This is just the same plan as Ababa UNIX 2, but the Data Transfer Doubled.

    Package INFO:

    Control Panel INFO:

    Other hosting Packs:

    Order Page:

    24 x 7 Support + MotherLand:

    Contact me:

    My Logo if you want to put it on your web site:

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