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    Problems with INIZ vps provider


    I was hoping maybe people from vps Iniz ( would get in and answer a question for me.

    My account was suspended without apparent reason. The bill was paid and I never reached even half of assigned resources.

    I never had any problems with Iniz before. Because of that I was comfortable with them hosting my few sites. Needless to say I didn't back up as often as I should have. :-(

    So today my account was suspended and in my SolusVM control panel I had a nagging message about being suspended and need to contact the support.

    The support ticket was not answered so far. So I am hoping maybe I could reach the Iniz folks via this forum and get some sort of clarification to the suspension.

    The support ticket ZBD-291-16083. I would love to learn why my account was suspended and what do I need to do to un-suspend it?


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    Did you check your email if there is some abuse email? Looks like that is the issue.

    You should call them instead since your sites are probably down right now.
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    I wash thinking to give them a try but after reading your post i have changed my mind.Please keep us updated with situation.

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    Suspension reason is emailed to you automatically, suspensions are only handled by main management which as a result a delay is expected in response.
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    How long have you been waiting for their help?

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    Patric from Iniz replied via ticket and temporarily un-suspended my account so I could back up my sites. I managed to backed up all but one big site of mine and gave them green light on deletion of my service. The site that I couldn't back up is lost, and sadly, was the reason for the spike in load in the first place.

    I appreciate the chance to download my other sites. Lesson is learned: back up often!

    Regarding the service quality. I signed up with them long before they changed their name to INIZ. During my stay with them there were no problems but once. Which was fixed quickly. Yes, occasionally servers were slower then other times but overall I would say the service was good for the money. But also keep in mind that I was grandfathered in to the 'bigger' plan that I had with original company (3gb ram, 75gb hdd and 750 gb traffic for $7). They don't really offer it now. One of my sites became popular and I was asked to leave.

    That's what I did.

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    @dmitriy2011 You have to appreciate that the $7 VPS providers can be more restrictive than the more mainstream providers but of course more costly providers.

    Rarely if at all will you ever get close to utilising what you think your CPU or Ram limits are before an abuse clause kicks in.

    4 shared cores on a VPS means shared with others, not that you can utilise the cores for an extended period and so on.

    The lesson is to understand the TOS and monitor your VPS.

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