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    WHMCS Proxmox Plugin

    It's difficult to find a good WHMCS developper and so i'm very please to do this new review for another module of ModuleGarden.

    August was the good time to get out of all my SolusVM server and finish move them to Promox.

    However i wasn't please with the current Proxmox plugin (you will find it there isn't so many
    Support was slow, module was bugged but setup was working fine.

    After get upset, i got an email of ModulesGarden new plugin for Promox ! What an excellent timing for me, and hope the quality was the same i got from DNS Manager from them.
    This WHMOCS Promox module just got out recently september 2013.

    After some test, and all go well, the same day, i bought it for 2 WHMCS install.

    Found a little issue (not blocking) that's support fixed 2 days after with 1.1 ! I have ask several new features, and they add it on next version that's should be this week (hope

    Already use this module for deliver around 80 VPS and so far all go extremly fine (KVM & OpenVZ)

    The integration and configuration is perfect, customer have all features they need.

    Some features is missing, but with 1.2 many will be add.
    Also waiting the Proxmox Cloud for WHMCS.

    If you are looking to go away from SolusVM, or get a decent WHMCS module for Promox, i think you should test it.

    For more info check their website here :

    Will soon launch some WHT VPS offer so if interrested you can pm me as well
    If need updated advice about this module reply here or pm me.

  2. +1 We are also running Proxmox module from them, works perfectly and the price is great.
    Can't wait for 1.2 tho
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    Thank you for the feedback

    Proxmox VPS For WHMCS 1.2 and Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS should be ready and released in this week.
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