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    Vinax - 4 Year Review

    In a few weeks, my company will have been a client of for four years. Since the beginning, it's been a pleasurable experience.

    Network: Vinax uses Steadfast so their network is top quality. Uptime has always been excellent.

    Support: Tommy and his support team are excellent. They're knowledgeable and very prompt in their response, regardless of the time when contacted.

    Hardware: All servers are Supermicro and have been very reliable. As to be expected with all providers, there have been some rare hardware issues/failures; however, all have been addressed promptly and remedied within their SLA times. One surprise was that Tommy offered free server upgrades on several existing servers. Obviously, a very kind gesture.

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    can't say about support but your rates are very high as compared to normal dedi providers

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    goos to read a nice review. i always want every provider to be a good one. no one wants bad experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Hackz View Post
    can't say about support but your rates are very high as compared to normal dedi providers
    I agree, they are more expensive than some of the providers on WHT that compete strictly on price. However, the level of the service provided makes them worth the price premium. My company uses 20 or so different providers and Vinax definitely ranks near or at the top.

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