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    help! site visible outside our network, but not inside

    Hello all!

    I'm new at a nonprofit, and could *really* use another set of eyes, or the wisdom of the WHT community.

    I'm having a bleep of a time figuring out why their site is visible to the outside world but not from within their network.

    I ran intoDNS from inside the network and the results are attached.

    From outside the network, the site is accessible, but from inside the network, a dialogue box comes up asking for username and pass.

    I searched the list before, and saw someone before who had a similar issue was asked to post results from intoDNS...
    when i tried to post the results, I got an error message saying I couldn't use VB or links; those must have come from the results page...hence the attached .txt file with the intoDNS results.

    Any help would be cheerfully accepted, and definitely lower my blood pressure!


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    its look like fine for me
    have you contact your hosting provider about this?
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    Thanks for the response!

    The hosting provider tech is located outside our network (in Manila, actually) and had no trouble pulling up the site, so told me (in a nice way) to pound sand.

    Heck, I can pull it up myself when I tether my laptop and go outside the network.

    No one at this office (approx 25 seats? in dwtwn LA) can get to the site from inside our network.

  4. Pretty sure you are on a domain which use the same domain name as your web domain name, and you run into issue with local dns server pointing to your server ip instead of outside web server.
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    Re: help! site visible outside our network, but not inside

    This also sounds like bad proxy interaction, for example a proxy that erroneously has a bypass for that URL or domain when it exists outside the organisation.

    Are the users behind a proxy server? You might want to check if the proxy.pac has a "direct" entry for that domain which would exclude it from proxying.

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    Appreciate your responses, Juien and ngardiner...
    I will check out where the local dns points as well as look for a direct entry for that domain.

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