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    how to scale without going to VPS and ded.server?

    Hello folks,
    I would like to kindly ask your help to solve my problem. My website is a database driven PHP site and is currently on Stable hosting and my package is Basic. The server can handle about 150 simultaneous guests maximum (by GA real time) without slowing down response time. I use CloudFlare.

    How could i serve to more visitors without scaling it to dedicated hosting? I've tried three different VPSs and not been impressed. Actually, i like semi-dedicated hosting. But 150 guests is not great and i get some complaints from my visitors.

    Before i moved to Stablehosting, i was in Godaddy shared hosting for 2-3 years and it handled max 300 visitors during peak period. And it was less expensive, just 8$/m something like that. But my problem was it was so unreliable. At least 2 times (not exaggerated) of outages each month and its recovery was cumbersome.

    As the Christmas is slowly approaching, i need to prepare for more traffic and i expect 500-600 simultaneous visitors during peak hours. Do you have any suggestion? Shall i upgrade it to better packages? Or shall i need to buy other server and mirror it? What can i do?

    Thank you very much.
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    You can't expect better results if you are in a shared hosting environment mainly because you are being throttled by its limitation.

    This is the same reason why your visitors are complaining.
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    Huh... where am I again?
    @Morris2, you mention PHP and mysql. Does your script offer caching at all? Cloudflare will help, but caching at the script side will be even better. That will help a lot of times to get performance up, loads down, and hosts happy. Basically, you need to make sure your PHP scripts are configured in a optimized fashion, your database is clean / optimized, and using caching.

    For 500-600 visitors at the same time constantly throughout the day, unless you get loads / memory usages down, you will run in to some limits in shared hosting. With your previous usages of VPS, what was the issue with them? To much load or memory usages? Did you use nginx, varnish or another light weight web server to handle all the static content? Nginx does wonders for a site on a VPS as it takes the work away from the beast of apache, reducing memory and CPU times.
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    what service did you use? A vps seems to be powerful enough

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    There is a way to scale. You can look for provider that provide you enough space and bandwith , plan a, plan b, plan c etc that cater your growth.
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    If you getting such a volume of traffic try using additional cache modules or plugin to used on your server. Host your images with other images hosting companies(faster) example: Flickr and more. Try to change the coding and avoid useless MySQL insertions. Optimize your MySQL database periodically during low traffic timings (Keep a backup of mysql) Still have issues you can move to a VPS service provider with reliable features & configuration.
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    Sounds like you should try semi-dedicated hosting from a few different providers.
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    150 user online at a time isn't small. That would exceed the limitations on shared hosting, if the hosts were not overselling. Frankly, with this kind of traffic, you should be making enough money to afford a dedicated server. The fact that VPS provided no performance improvement suggest that you need a dedicated server or a cloud hosting that can scale.

    You can optimize, cache - but ultimately you need to be realistic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alemcherry View Post
    150 user online at a time isn't small. That would exceed the limitations on shared hosting, if the hosts were not overselling. Frankly, with this kind of traffic, you should be making enough money to afford a dedicated server. The fact that VPS provided no performance improvement suggest that you need a dedicated server or a cloud hosting that can scale.

    You can optimize, cache - but ultimately you need to be realistic.
    Thank you for all your replies.
    My website is extremely niche and depends only on one country. 150 visitors can happen during 1-2 hours and in the rest of the day it varies. During night time, only 7-8 guests at a time. Totally, 3000-4000 visits (~2500 visitors) per day.

    My problem is, i don't make any money with the traffic. It's because the website's language is not supported by Google Adsense and i struggle to attract banner advetising.

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    What you can do is just try to optimise your script and query, others than that are beyond your control.

    Another method will be try to discuss this with your hosting provider, ask them to allocate more resources for you during the peak hour and in return, you will put their banner up into your website.

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    In order to scale, you have to have a VPS and then a dedicated server.

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    With shared hosting, you are limited. You can't do anything from your end except optimizing your scripts and dbs. Even your website can be suspended by host if it creates a problem. Better you should look at VPS hosting.
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    I understand you said you didn't want to go into a dedicated server, but it sounds like where you are you are running into problems that you are having your customers complain. My suggestion I think you should look into a smaller end dedicated server at least and then you won't have these problems and then your customer's wouldn't be complaining.
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    I also recommend a VPS, but as you indicated your site focuses on a specific niche of people, so finding a VPS as close to your customer base may resolve most of these problems. Once your data is closer to your intended recipients, you can then work on tweaking your VPS to be optimized to your specific needs. The true advantage to a VPS over normal shared hosting is getting root access and having the ability to add/remove features on your VPS to streamline the enviroment to run just what you need and in a manner that promotes the services you are using. This can be a tricky part if you do not have this expertize. Luckily a post about how to optimize your service might be answerable here on WHT, or you can locate a company to help you optimize your server to your specific needs.
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    Did you try semi-dedicated (enterprise) hosting>
    Stablehost and MDD Hosting have that.

    Why didn't you upgrade at Stablehost? That'd have been the ideal thing to do.
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    Folks, you are all awesome! I appreciate every single reply to my post. You are just great and great people. Love ya all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morris2 View Post
    i expect 500-600 simultaneous visitors
    What's your problem with a VPS/dedicated server

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    One option that may help which would be cost effective, but much more complicated would be to setup multiple VPS instances. Do Rsync and 2-way MySQL replication between the two VPS instances with round robin DNS. This way, you'll have to exact duplicate websites with traffic evenly load balanced between the two. I've seen VPS instances for as little as $5 mo. Of course, like another person recommended, you'd want to try to get those VPSes as close to your customer base as possible. - Energize your Business Online, powered by BannerOS, the platform that turns your website into a powerful business tool.
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