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    Importing servers with optical drives - FDA

    A few months ago we have bought 4 Supermicro servers in the U.S. and had them delivered to our Toronto office. Yesterday we have shipped them to a U.S. datacenter via Fedex ground, and... Today we have got a call from Fedex. They say since these servers have optical drives (which have lasers in them), Fedex needs to submit some paperwork to FDA on our behalf. They also said that because of this "laser" issue, we must have a special business insurance in order for U.S. Customs to release the shipment (they mentioned something about a "bond", I have no idea what that means).

    We have explained that we have actually imported these servers from the USA just a few months ago, however, apparently this does not help. But... Same Fedex employee mentioned that if we upgrade our shipping service from Ground to Express, then different rules apply and we do not have to submit anything...

    I do not even know what to say. I mean, it would seem like tons of servers get imported into the U.S. every day, and yet I was unable to find any mention of these rules on the internet.

    Any suggestions?

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    Rules changes everyday in the US :-) Maybe just upgrade it to Express? Seems that is the only solution if you do not want to provide any paper works.
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    I doubt this is laser related. More likely a brokerage fee issue.

    Anything ground service (Fedex, UPS, DHL) will give you a hefty brokerage fee. Always ship with USPS if possible.
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