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    Why I cannot access my site from my work and local library

    I was not able to access my sites from our local library, seemed timed out. I though it was a firewall issue with my local library. This was last Sat.

    However, today, all of a sudden, I cannot access my sites from my work anymore. I never had any problems before, I was trying to check my webmail... then it just hangs there. Ping timedout too. So I connected to my home computer via remote desktop from work, my server is up and I can access them. Try again from work, timedout.

    So what could be the problem?

    I saw this post:,d.aWc

    could it because of the server name and dns name doesn't match?

    The server name of my VPS plan is, but two DNS servers I have are: and


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    you said ping timed out, so i guess your domain/subdomain was resolved... meaning there was a network issue between your work and server, but not between your home and server...

    i like to use something like this when this happens:

    i hope that makes sense...
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    Huh... where am I again?
    Does the server have whitelisting setup in the firewall for the home network? It could be that the work and library connections are filtering the site for some reason also. If you run a scan on it via does it come up clean?
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