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    Faust Internet Services - | 25% off Recurring for WHT Users | $1.99

    Faust Internet Services

    Faust Internet Services is a small humanitarian company originally founded in 2011 under the name of 'Faust Internet Solutions'. We strive to allow the consumer to work within an inexpensive environment to further their ideas and better the web. By providing low cost services to you, we not only increase the availability and interest within the field of internet programming, but attempt to inspire new grounds to be explored through increased opportunity.

    Our packages are all now at 25% off for a limited time to all WHT members.

    Basic Shared Hosting
    Starts from
    $1.99 per month

    2 GB disk space
    100 GB bandwidth
    Unlimited Features

    Moderate Shared Hosting
    Starts from
    $2.99 per month

    10 GB disk space
    150 GB bandwidth
    Unlimited Features

    Advanced Shared Hosting
    Starts from
    $4.99 per month

    Unmetered disk space
    Unmetered bandwidth
    Unlimited Features

    All of our plans also have annual rates that the discount also applies to.
    If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]

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    Thought you might like to know ...

    You should make it more obvious in your sales thread where people need to click to order hosting.

    You should make your ORDER button easier to find on your website.

    Your PayPal payment system is broken. When I tried to buy hosting it said "This feature is only available to Business and Premier Accounts."

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    We were working on the billing system earlier today and were modifying the Paypal gateway. It was down for about two hours. I emailed you about that as soon as I noticed you sign up. I went ahead and activated your account a few hours ago and notified you by email. If you'd still like to host with us, you can pay the invoice, if not, you can just ignore it. Your account is activated regardless if you want to test out the services. Thanks for the input as well, we plan on redoing the site soon.

    Account registration is back online.

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