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    Themes with Magento


    What exactly is involved in implementing a theme in Magento to the point where it actually looks and functions like it's demo versions?

    For reference, I can browse new themes on wordpress, click the install button, and that's pretty much it. Ideally I'd like to find a someone to develop the site, but I decided to give it a go myself because I couldn't find anyone local that I had confidence in to build a site to even match the look and function of a fairly generic template for Magento.

    Anyway, I am at the point where I would be happy just to get a bare bones but functional ecommerce site going that will list and catalog the items, then provide a way for the customer to reserve an item. Any thoughts?

    By the way, what would be a fair price for someone to implement a theme to the point of, say, this:

    Fortis on themeforest (too new on this board to leave links....sorry)
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    i have done this in wordpress not magento
    customer site i charged the cost of hosting the site just i have sean costs of 600 to 1400 plus for sites
    if you know php then you could just modify one yourself

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