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    Booking and Reserving with Magento

    Hi there,

    After months of searching, with little luck, for a good local web developer and designer, I decided to give it a try myself and see what building an ecommerce site was all about. For reference, manually installing wordpress is the extent of my knowledge with web building, so please keep that in mind if you are kind enough to respond.

    For background, the website is for a little startup business, and I will be renting out electronic equipment. I've installed Magento through the cPanel, played with it by adding a few items and categories, but I haven't been able to get the categories to show up on the front page. (Sidenote: I was able to get the categories to show up on the trial service with Magento Go, so I am hoping that it is something basic that I overlooked on the test site on my own server?).

    Anyway, finding a solution to reserve an item is the next thing I have to tackle. After a little digging, some of the more prominent extensions seem to be:

    1. Booking and Reservations by aheadWorks
    2. Salesigniter
    3. Anybooking by apptha

    Has anyone here used any of these? Is there something else you prefer that isn't on the list? Any other comments or suggestions?

    I have a few more questions related to this that I will post in the web design section, so if you are feeling generous, please look for my post there as well.

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    You may want to describe exactly what you're trying to sell/offer online as others in this forum may be able to provide additional helpful solutions. It could be Magento is overkill for what you're trying to accomplish - let us know more about what it is you're trying to do.
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    Here the Top 6 to give u a big boost:
    1. Magento
    2. Prestashop
    3. Open Cart
    4. Virtue Mart
    5. OS commerce
    6. Zen cart

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    For beginners, I always recommend Prestashop, followed by Open cart and magento. Mind you, those are based off of admin experience levels. Not functionality nor features or best product.

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    I had the similar experience with you for the first time using Magento. It was very painful in the beginning. However, I need to build good powerful ecommerce website base on Magento. This ecommerce platform is the better option if you want to grow in the future.

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