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    Ebook & Mp3 Sales

    I was looking at different websites and can not find a specific answer is it legal to sell ebooks? Like I have some pdf versions of the dummies series books and I have hundreds of mp3's I don't listen to just sitting on my home storage. I want to get rid of them if I do not need them why just delete them where there is a possibility to resell them to people who could use the information and music. I would open a website for it but do not want to have an issue with copyright infringement. I have plenty of ebooks with resale rights but those were bought from ebay and can tend to be over sold.

    And Can I take an ebook and take information from it and make it my own book? I am sure that can be considered copyright infringement.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjr2004 View Post
    ...I am sure that can be considered copyright infringement...

    I concur, sir.

    Unless you have specific written authorization from the author, I'd suggest you don't sell something.
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