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    Question Superfluous name server listed at parent

    I am trying to set up a backup DNS server. I have configured and added this backup DNS server to the list of name servers at my registrar. However, I am testing the DNS for my domain using the tool at

    and it reports the error

    Superfluous name server listed at parent

    The domain I'm creating a backup DNS server for is:, and the new backup DNS server is at

    It seems one of my other original name servers doesn't know about, and isn't listing it as a nameserver. Do I understand this correctly? I don't know if my web hosting company allows me to designate an additional backup DNS server. It seems the DNS may be messed up at the moment, as when I look up the DNS records at:

    they don't look complete anymore. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to do?


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    Take a look at this

    Your "backup" dns server has no glue records for it. I am not sure what you are really trying to accomplish, it looks like is already running 2 separate DNS servers for redundancy.

    Your NS records at your parent nameserver are: [] TTL 172800 [] TTL 172800 [] TTL 172800

    Your NS records at your nameservers are: reported: [no glue] TTL 86400 [no glue] TTL 86400 [no glue] TTL 86400 reported: [] TTL 86400 [] TTL 86400 reported: [] TTL 86400 [] TTL 86400
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    Hi StealthyHosting,

    Thanks for the reply/help. I am trying to add a 3rd nameserver for backup/redundancy purposes. It has happened several times that the nameservers get overwhelmed from DDOS attacks and/or just being overloaded. I want a 3rd one to help keep my sites available, even when all the ns* servers are unavailable.

    The problem I'm concerned about is that the parent nameserver and my new nameserver report all 3 of the nameservers, but the 2 nameservers at ns11/ only report the 2. I suspect strictly speaking this is not RFC compliant, thus it is reported as an error on some of these DNS health check sites. I would like to get ixwebhosting to allow me to add a NS record, so that all nameservers report all 3 consistently. It doesn't look like I can do this from my hosting control panel, and I've sent them an email, but haven't heard back yet. If I can't update the nameservers at ixwebhosting to also report my new nameserver, how big of a deal is this? My site seems to work okay, but I'd like for everything to be compliant. Should I keep my 3rd nameserver at the expense of being non-compliant?


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