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    * Versaweb Reviews?

    For those that have used Versaweb, can you share your thoughts/experience? Evaluating them for a potential relo from Softlayer.

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    Pretty good bet if you click 'Search this forum' you will get results.

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    I've been with them since August and rent several boxes from them.
    Price is extremely good, cheaper than OVH (previous provider).
    Network is great, no complaints, 100% uptime since I've been with them.
    Haven't had any hardware issues either.

    All in all a solid provider, nothing but good things to say about them.

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    Got a server from them , 1 week ago. So far so good.

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    They are rubbish. The versaweb give me blacklisted ip and refuse to change the ip. All my new site email go to the spam folder and they insist it is my problem. Your SEO will also have huge problem.

    Their staff is lazy and arrogant. They don't think you deserve a good service because you pay a very low price.

    You can check some report elsewhere regarding their spamming ip.

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    Oh well..Their support does seem SUCK

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    Quote Originally Posted by raykt View Post
    Oh well..Their support does seem SUCK
    do you use AMP server management plan. i am interested in versaweb. and their AMP server management plan.

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    Just to clear something up:
    The versaweb give me blacklisted ip and refuse to change the ip.
    First, your IP's weren't black-listed on any major blacklist - just a couple of obscure blacklists that aren't actively used and are known to be wildly inaccurate anyway.

    Second, I believe you had the server and IP's in question for many months prior to even bringing this up to our support staff. We simply told you that if there were email delivery issues due to black listing, they were likely of your own doing, since you'd already had the server for quite some time.

    Finally, rather than changing your IP's, we gave you the instructions for adding PTR records, SPF records, and DomainKeys to get your email working properly. Had you followed those instructions, everything would have worked as intended. You probably would have had the same delivery issues on new IP's until those problems were fixed anyway.

    I'm sorry that you felt you were mistreated by our staff, but I think your assessment there has more to do with the fact that you didn't like the answer you were given, rather than the actual manner in which you were treated.
    Rob Tyree
    Versaweb - DDoS Protected Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting
    Fiberhub - SAS70 Type-II Colocation in Las Vegas and Seattle

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