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    Talking If yes, what type of monitor you have ?

    Do you have any pc in home ? If yes, what type of monitor you have ,its age and size ?

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    24" AOC LED about two years old now.
    17" DELL LCD going on about 13 years old.. Says it was built in October 2000 on the back. It has honestly been the best monitor I have ever owned. Still works like a champ to this day.

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    I have all Samsung 27HD Monitors at home, all 3 about 1 year old.
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    23" LCD ASUS, but I've been looking around for a new monitor--I'm looking for something with a stable base. Too many LCDs wobble around if the desk gets bumped. Any recommendations?
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    Dell UltraSharp 1901FP, 19" LCD, 10 years ago, still works but we no longer use it.

    Dell 2005FPW which I'm viewing right now, about 6 years ago, perhaps one of my favorite LCD's, beautiful colors and it just works.

    Asus VS24AH-P 1920x1200 resolution 40 (5 star) reviews on Newegg, purchased for $209 about 4 months ago.

    Plus about 6 laptops with various screen sizes from 9" to 15.6"
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    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    24" LED.

    32" LCD. Both Viewsonic.

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    At work : 2x Compaq W185q 18.5 inch LCD Monitors.
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