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    I was looking for a webhost and found, they were looking promising and I tried them out.

    At first I where going to install a blog, but I wasnít quite able to figure out how to do it. I opened a chat and Steffen answered. He guided me through the steps from logging in to their contronpanel to installing. He showed me their options to update, take backups and more. He really took his time and explained the stuff for me. Later on I had problems installing a plugin for my blog, he also guided me through how to do it and we got it installed.

    I have been with Fosty for about 2 months now and am quite happy with their services. I havenít noticed any downtime / slowness on my website.
    I would recommend Fosty to most people.

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    What is your domain hosted with them? You can also submit it at
    Specially 4 You
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