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    * [Contract] Expert in Software Load Balancing


    I'm looking for an expert that can setup a very stable load balancing & failover infrastructure.

    We are looking for a setup with 2 web servers. Can you send me sample of setup and recommandation.

    Note: We have 1 servers in colocation in a Montreal datacenter, we will purchase the require materials to put in place the setup.

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    are you looking for mysql load balancing ? - the name says it all!
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    Actually, our mysql server is local. I don't want purchase another storage server for mysql so I would continue by this way, local mysql database.


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    Hello Vans,

    I just recently completed a similar HA setup (HA and load balanced Apache cluster) in additional with a load-balanced MySQL cluster so I'm more than happy to assist you in this.

    I just sent you a PM. Kindly take a look.

    Thank you
    Andrew N. - Senior System Administrator
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