Has your website outgrown a shared hosting environment? Thinking it's time to upgrade to a VPS?
Do you find the thought of managing a virtual server daunting? Worried at the extra complexity of running a VPS?

OakHosting.NET has been offering reliable and affordable shared hosting for two and a half years; we'd like to put that expertise to use and help you manage the next stage of your growing website.

OakHosting.NET: Outgrowing Shared Hosting can be Daunting

Most websites start life on a shared server, perhaps using cPanel to manage the site. Eventually the site grows to the scale where it needs more resources than a shared host can provide. You realise the next step up is a VPS.

But there's a problem. There's a lot more to running a VPS than just logging in to cPanel and building your website. Many providers offer a managed service, where they will install and tune the VPS on request. Even with this, you still have access to the whole virtual server, with configuration decisions to make and the lurking fear you might break something.

OakHosting.NET: Perhaps OakHosting.NET could help

We offer a range of managed VPS products, which we call our Premium range. You get a virtual private server, which is fully managed by us. The result is the boost your site needs: You get the power of a VPS with the ease and familiarity of shared hosting.

We set up, provision and install your VPS as if we were setting up one of the servers we use for shared hosting. We install cPanel, MySQL, Apache 2.4, PHP, Varnish and nearly all the other software that goes on our shared hosting.

We then manage your VPS just as carefully as we manage a shared server that has lots of users. We manage all software upgrades behind the scenes and include it in our offsite monitoring setup. All you have to do is log in to cPanel, and run your websites, as if you were one tenant a shared server.

In short, you get to upgrade to a VPS, without any of the management overheads that usually go with that, and without the common feeling that you've just moved out of your depth. Simply use it exactly as if you were still on shared hosting. We take care of everything else. To you, it feels just like shared hosting. Under the hood is a full-powered VPS.

OakHosting.NET: How much control do I get over the VPS?

Here is where our offering differs from other VPS providers.

Because we manage the server side of things entirely, we need to have full control over everything that is installed on the server. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee to maintain an environment for you that looks and feels like shared hosting.

You therefore do not get root access to the VPS.

However, you still have more control over your hosting environment than an ordinary shared user. If you want something extra installing, we can do it for you. You get to choose whether your VPS runs PHP 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5. If you need a non-standard module compiling into Apache, we can do that too. We could install memcache, ffmpeg, and other tools if you need them.

We would only install additional software if we were confident we could still manage your VPS for you well, so occasionally we may need to refuse. For this reason, if you are signing up in order to have a particular customisation, please ask before signing up whether we would be able to do that for you.


OakHosting.NET: Our premium packages…

We are offering Web Hosting Talk users a special offer. Normally, only users who pay quarterly or annually can have free setup; monthly payment incurs a one-off £25 setup fee. Use the promotion code "PremFS" at checkout, and you can pay monthly but have the setup fee waived. This offer is valid for least 7 days from the date of this post.

We have 3 choices for premium hosting, more details at our premium packages page:

  • Bronze:
    1 GB of RAM
    4 GB or 8 GB of disk space
    500 GB of bandwidth
    £35/month, £100/quarter or £350/year
    Click to order
  • Silver:
    1.5 GB of RAM
    11 GB or 22 GB of disk space
    1 TB of bandwidth
    £40/month, £110/quarter or £400/year
    Click to order
  • Gold:
    2 GB of RAM
    14 GB or 28 GB of disk space
    2 TB of bandwidth
    £45/month, £125/quarter or £450/year
    Click to order

All packages can be signed up in the equivalent sums in US Dollars or Euros if you prefer.


OakHosting.NET: Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: Do you have a money-back guarantee period?
A: While we offer shared hosting customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, our premium packages are excluded from this because of the time involved in setting up your server.
Under the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to ask us to postpone setting up your hosting for 7 days, to give you time to change your mind.

Q: Why do the packages have two different figures for disk space?
A: We automatically schedule a daily backup on your VPS. The default is to retain the two most recent daily backups, and also one further backup from earlier in the month. If you are willing only to have the most recent backup available to you, we can double the disk space available for you to use. We also offer backup storage plans; one option would be to take the higher storage option, then have backups automatically mirrored to a storage plan, where more of them can be retained.

Q: Can I have more than one cPanel account on the server?
A: Most people only want one. When you order, you have the option to ask us to set you up with a reseller account instead. That reseller account has the disk space and bandwidth limits of your entire premium package, and you can then create your own cPanel accounts to use that space. However please note that this is not for you to resell space on your VPS - premium hosting is for use by the account holder only.

Q: How fast can you set up my server?
A: Normally, this can be done within 24 hours (subject to the usual fraud checks). However as this is done manually, we do say that sometimes up to 72 hours is necessary. This is rare, however.

Q: Do you offer Softaculous?
A: As this is licensed per server, we do not install this on all premium VPS accounts. Doing so would require us to cost the license into the package prices, whether or not you were going to use Softaculous. If you want Softaculous, we can include it for an extra £1 (or equivalent) per month.

OakHosting.NET: What they say about us…
  • "very pro-active in keeping things right and up to date" (on WHT)
  • "They can solve my problems and answer my questions, quickly and efficiently" (on HostJury)
  • "OakHosting's excellent services are amazingly affordable. … We have no complaints, and lots of respect for OakHosting." (on WHT)
  • "very personal and flexible with my needs, ... they don't treat you like you are just another contract number" (on Drupal.org)
  • "@OakHosting I'm a happy customer." (on Twitter)
  • "the speed of viewing my hosted website is always quick and they are always very professional and helpful to all my queries regardless of myself being new to the web." (on WHT)


OakHosting.NET: Drupal a speciality…

Many of our customers host Drupal sites with us. We've set up our hosting environment to work optimally with Drupal. We offer a jailed SSH shell for those who need it, and have Git and Drush pre-installed for those who like to manage Drupal from the command line. We understand Drupal, and will try to help where we can. (Of course, there are lots of other uses for our hosting too - Wordpress is very popular - but we specialise in Drupal).


OakHosting.NET: Some reasons to host with us:

Here are some of the things you get if you host with us:
  • We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Pay by card, or use PayPal as an intermediary if you prefer.
  • If you are paying for longer than monthly, you can still cancel mid-term and get most of the unused money back.
  • We use Apache 2.4, which has far better performance than Apache 2.2.
  • Unless you ask us not to, we use Percona for our database engine. From your perspective, indistinguishable from vanilla MySQL. At the backend, there are serious performance improvements and configuration options for us.
  • We use the popular cPanel control panel for all its features and to make it easy to migrate your site to / from our services.
  • We offer free migration for all new accounts.
  • We take a nightly backup of all accounts, and store them on a different network
  • We are an official partner of Cloud Flare, which means you can use their CDN to serve up your site, benefitting from caching and security filtering as well. We don't install the Cloud Flare cPanel plugin by default, but would do so if you asked.
  • We run Varnish Cache, so that static resources like images and CSS files can be served up quickly.


█ Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this discussion thread, or visit our website to ask us a question. We pride ourselves in personal service, so would love to hear from you so that we can see how we can help.