OakHosting.NET: The need for backup

Many home users want to be able to upload backups of their important files to the internet. Often people have the idea to use their web hosting plan for this. The trouble is that it is often against the terms and conditions of service, or people find out that the hundreds of gigabytes of space they've been promised aren't really theirs to use.

Many web hosting users want to keep regular backups of their websites. The tricky bit is remembering. Keeping a website backup on the same server as the site is not the most resilient option either.

OakHosting.NET: Enter our backup and storage plans

We are offering you the chance to have access to anywhere from 10 GB to 150 GB of disk space on a shared server. The prices per gigabyte are very reasonable. We have an absolute commitment not to oversell that space, so every GB you sign up for is yours to use.

You can access your data in 6 different ways: FTP (FTPES or SFTP), SSH, SCP, rsync, WebDav and Samba.

We offer our own web hosting clients an automated service, to automatically backup files and databases to their backup and storage space, and to prune the older backups behind the scenes leaving however many old copies they want. If you have hosting with another provider, we'd gladly help you migrate to our services and automate this for you. Alternatively, we can help you set up some of these steps from your current provider.


OakHosting.NET: Our prices…

Full details are available at our backup and storage page.

We currently have a special offer. Use the promotion code HalfPriceStorage at sign-up to get 50% off our regular prices. This discount recurs, and stays with you throughout the lifetime of your package, even if you later upgrade.

The prices listed below include this special offer:

  • BU10:
    10 GB of disk space
    50 GB of bandwidth
    £3/month, £7/quarter or £25/year
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  • BU20:
    20 GB of disk space
    100 GB of bandwidth
    £4/month, £10/quarter or £37/year
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  • BU40:
    40 GB of disk space
    200 GB of bandwidth
    £6/month, £16/quarter or £61/year
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  • BU60:
    60 GB of disk space
    300 GB of bandwidth
    £8/month, £22/quarter or £85/year
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  • BU80:
    80 GB of disk space
    400 GB of bandwidth
    £9/month, £25/quarter or £97/year
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  • BU100:
    100 GB of disk space
    500 GB of bandwidth
    £10/month, £28/quarter or £109/year
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  • BU150:
    150 GB of disk space
    750 GB of bandwidth
    £12.50/month, £35.50/quarter or £139/year
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All packages can be signed up in the equivalent sums in US Dollars or Euros if you prefer.


OakHosting.NET: What they say about us…
  • "very pro-active in keeping things right and up to date" (on WHT)
  • "They can solve my problems and answer my questions, quickly and efficiently" (on HostJury)
  • "OakHosting's excellent services are amazingly affordable. … We have no complaints, and lots of respect for OakHosting." (on WHT)
  • "very personal and flexible with my needs, ... they don't treat you like you are just another contract number" (on Drupal.org)
  • "@OakHosting I'm a happy customer." (on Twitter)
  • "the speed of viewing my hosted website is always quick and they are always very professional and helpful to all my queries regardless of myself being new to the web." (on WHT)


OakHosting.NET: Some reasons to host with us:

Here are some of the things you get if you host with us:
  • We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind for any reason.
  • Pay by card, or use PayPal as an intermediary if you prefer.
  • If you are paying for longer than monthly, you can still cancel mid-term and get most of the unused money back.
  • We take a nightly backup of all accounts, and store them on a different network


█ Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this discussion thread, or visit our website to ask us a question. We pride ourselves in personal service, so would love to hear from you so that we can see how we can help.