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    PhotonVPS - Don't Buy This Service [split]

    I have order VPS (Windows SSD Cloud - SSD Windows 3) on 2 November 2013 and the service ready 1 hours (i think is fasts service), of course i am so happy.

    But after i connect via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VPS can't connect. I try use VNC via Virtual Machine Console and see not internet access indicator on the button.

    I create a ticket on 11/02/2013 04:21 to support department with high Priority and i also include screenshot.

    On 11/02/2013 04:29 i got the respond:


    Thank you for contacting support.
    We are checking the issue and will get back to you soon.
    If you have any more doubts then please let us know.
    Thank you

    Staff Name

    Level1 Engineer.

    On 11/02/2013 05:19 i got the respond:


    Sorry for the inconvenience cause to you,

    Due to ip conflict, you have faced RDP issue. we are going to change different IP instead of this, once done we will get back to you shortly, Please stand by.

    Staff Name

    Level2 Engineer.

    On 11/02/2013 08:43 I respond:


    Please update us information. i need our VPS online ASAP. Thanks

    On 11/02/2013 14:09 i got the respond:


    File system of your vps is corrupted so we need to rebuild vps.

    Reinstall = you will loose all data, so please provide us the following information , hence we proceed further to sort out the issue:
    1)vps ip
    2)Hostname of vps:
    3)Plan of vps:
    4)OS of vps:
    5)Root username & password :
    6)Should we proceed for reinstallation(yes/no):
    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thank you,

    Staff Name

    Level 1 Engineer.

    On 11/02/2013 08:43 I respond:


    Base on your request below the information

    1)vps ip :
    2)Hostname of vps: vps.******.net
    3)Plan of vps: Windows SSD Cloud - SSD Windows 3
    4)OS of vps: Windows 2008 Datacentre Edition R2 x64
    5)Root username & password : ********* / *********
    6)Should we proceed for reinstallation(yes/no): YES

    Please reinstall ASAP, Thanks

    On 11/02/2013 17:54 i got the respond:

    Hi Fadli,

    Thank you for writing back.

    We really appreciate your patience throughout the progression of this ticket. Your SSD VPS has been re-built. However, the IP doesn't ping.
    This has already been escalated to our Senior Admin and he has opened a ticket with Onapp for the same.

    Please standby for further updates.

    Thank You,

    Staff Name
    Level 1 Engineer

    On 11/03/2013 01:36 I respond:

    Any update? if not please canceled my order and refund all money (30 Day Money back Guarantee) i will order to another provider.


    On 11/02/2013 17:54 i got the respond:


    Because it is very important for us to maintain good customer services, I am going to escalate this problem to my senior department. If you like to add extra notes to this support ticket, or report other problems for my senior techs to address please let us know. Otherwise please hold while the next available senior engineer takes over this support ticket.

    Thank you.

    Staff Name
    Level1 Engineer.

    On 11/03/2013 16:39 I respond:


    I don't care about it, please CANCEL MY SERVICE AND REFUND ALL MY MONEY. your service is not good. Please don't waste my time.

    And now i have canceled the service and hope refund all my money base on 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee. For new buyer please read review before you buy.

    FYI: PhotonVPS refunds all my money.


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    Thank for sharing, good for you and them as well that you got your refund

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    I am sorry to hear that you had problems with our servers. We pride ourselves in providing the best services that we can offer to our customers. I see in your post, and in our ticketing panel that our tests were actively working on your problem, constant updates were given to you and the problem was also escalated to our senior department.

    Looking at our internal notes, I see that our senior department were experiencing problems with part of our node, on which they were addressing the problem. I also see that our senior department recommended to reload your machine because of reported problems with the original installation and since its a new machine there was no data loss.

    Looking at all the notes, and constant updates, I feel that you are making a bold judgment out of anger, and didn't allowed us to resolve the problem. If its not too late we can offer a discount, and a setup on another side of our cloud that hasn't experience problems.

    Again my apologies, but please try to understand that problem do occur with automation, bugs etc... which is normal in the IT business.
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    Thank you for clarification, I write base own my experience. maybe i am not lucky on this times with offer. I have order from another one.

    Good luck to

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