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    Question Duties Involved In Running Unmanaged VPS

    Hello, basically the title says it all. If I purchase an unmanaged VPS and for example a cPanel license, what duties can I expect to have to undertake? Also how time consuming would these duties be and how complex? Any sort of idea will come in great help, thanks!

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    Basically, you need to secure and optimize it from kernel level to every services/software you are running in vps. After that, monitor, monitor, monitor and monitor...
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    You should expect to be in charge of your VPS security, updates, software installation, troubleshooting installed software, things like that. Your host will be (or should be, I should say) in charge of your network and the box your container is in. Once your initial setup is finished, it should not be very time consuming if you take proper precautions to secure your box from anything that would impact performance. As the poster above me said, keep an eye on it after it's all set up to be sure everything is going smoothly.

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    mostly Security + Backup + Updates + Monitoring

    did I mention Backup ?

    Good Luck!
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    What tools do you guys use for backups and monitoring?

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    One of the things you can do is look over your logs periodically. You can also use iftop to monitor traffic on your VPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supr View Post
    What tools do you guys use for backups and monitoring?
    For backup, you can use cPanel backup system and if possible put the backup files to a remote place as well to have a second level of backup.

    Monitoring - you can use cPanel native "chkservd" monitoring which will auto restart a service when it fails. Also use third party monitoring like "uptime" or "pingom" tools to monitor HTTP; or buy monitoring service from any other provider for your server. For just one server, I don't think maintaining your own monitoring server is beneficial

    And regarding your tasks - you have to do everything on your server that should make your server stable, secure and smooth running. The complexity of maintaining it depends on what kind issues can arises throughout the way.

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    kernel update, software update, security patch, security hardening, daily logs filtering, setup this and that, here and there....many more to go... :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    Monitoring will take most of your time in my experience.

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    It's not that hard, but depends on what you are planning to run on the VPS? the first configuration is the most important one. but after that just simple monitoring!
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