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    Question on Hostbill & Multiple Servers

    Hello All,

    I am new here so please excuse me if this topic has been covered before. I have tried searching Google to no avail, perhaps it is the keywords I am using.

    I am currently in the early stages of planning for Web Hosting, and was wondering how integration works with Hostbill and multiple dedicated servers.

    If I were to start a Web Hosting company say at somedomain dot com and host this on a dedicated server, databases, billing, etc. And then purchase multiple other dedicated servers which I would then use to sell shared or VPS hosting on, or any other products for that matter - How does HostBill help in automating this?

    Does Hostbill store all our servers details and automatically create accounts on the appropriate servers based on the customers choices?

    Do we purchase other Hostbill modules or provisioning apps for this purpose? I'm confused as to which ones would be most suitable for this purpose.

    And will certain Hostbill modules install specific software based on customers options?

    For example, if I wished to sell various types of products: VPS, Shared, SeedBox, E-Mail or other markets - Minecraft servers etc.

    What do you guys use and can you provide any tips?

    Thank you.

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    I don't have any firsthand experience with Hostbill, but that's generally the way it works. One unique thing about Hostbill is that you have to pay for each module you want to manage. So for example, if you buy another server and use SolusVM to manage your VPSes, then you have to buy the SolusVM module from Hostbill ($200, last time I checked). If you buy another server and use it to sell cPanel shared hosting, that's another $200. You'll want to contact them for detailed pricing.

    Other hosting packages like Blesta, ClientExec, and WHMCS usually include this for free. It's just a matter of enabling or disabling modules.
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