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    xProxyHost - High End Proxy Script Hosting with 5 Years of Experience


    Vectro was started with the main goal of pleasing customers. Having a good reputation means making sure customer's needs are met. Satisfaction is the first priority, otherwise there is no point to being in business. Different websites have different needs and support cases are handled on an individual basis. Accounts of all sizes deserve responsive and competent support, something which can be hard to find. The servers are monitored and maintained routinely for performance and security. People's privacy is respected and information is stored securely. This is a service by webmasters for webmasters and was designed to uphold certain standards.


    Proxy sites need features and server tweaks that other sites don't. Take control of your proxy script and increase ad revenues by filtering out traffic with low conversions.

    Tech support is fast, responsive and helpful. Please reply here or send a PM with any questions.

    Special: Purchase the 'Proxy Professional' plan for $29.99 per month and get 1200 GB of monthly transfer.

    Special: Sign up for quarterly payments and receive a 10% discount. No coupon required.

    Proxy Professional
    50 GB Disk Space
    1200 GB Monthly Transfer
    150 Domains
    $29.99 per month
    No setup fee


    * 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    * Fanatical Tech Support.
    * Hosting Glype, PHProxy, Zelune and Surrogafier.
    * Advertising and promotion resources.
    * Free Advertising Credits at ProxyNoid.
    * Pre-installed block list of countries that generate a high volume of low quality traffic using Maxmind GeoIP.
    * Block additional countries easily by adding one single line to .htaccess.
    * No need to manage huge lists of IP addresses.
    * Optionally have us add countries for you (no extra cost).
    * Block a single IP addresses or IP range easily using cPanel.
    * Prevent hotlinking using .htaccess code that we can install for you (no extra cost).
    * CloudFlare and mod_security to block web attacks, known bots and spammers.
    * Glype and PHPRoxy settings for limiting the size of a single download.
    * Special tweaks for PHProxy such as logging sites your visitors view.
    * Help with starting your first proxy site.
    * Lots of monthly transfer.
    * Tweaked SSL configuration for fast loading of SSL-enabled proxies.
    * Fast reliable tech support and uptime.
    * Dedicated servers hosted on a network with multiple top tier providers.
    * Intel Quad Core and Oct Core power (Core i7 and 2x Xeon Quad Core).
    * No overselling.
    * Over 10 Years of experience in the hosting and IT business.
    * Lots of other features included.
    * No contract required.
    * No Setup Fee.
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    Vectro Web Hosting - Serious about tech support

    x Proxy Host - Host Glype and other PHP proxy scripts

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