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    Intel 530 Series SSD for Virtualization nodes?

    Intel 530 Series SSD for Virtualization nodes?

    Hi, I've been seeing a good deal on Intel's 530 Series SSD drives. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any previous experiences with this drive on server environments for KVM virtualization to host several Virtual Machines or any other server usage with any RAID setup of 4-6 drives?

    Is US $170.00 a good price point for this drive?

    Any input will be appreciated.

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    If you are going this path, a piece of advice.
    Try and use copy on write (COW) for your images.
    You will spare disk space which is important when you are building a SSD storage.

    To answer your question, the drives are worth it from performance point of view. - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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    Never used! But Intel is well known for reliability. At least, their former 520 Series was widely deployed on servers.
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    we have been using many SSD 520 drives at our servers and they are working just great. So I would say the new 530 series should also work fine with your configuration.
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    Is just that an increasing number of client/workstation users are experiencing warm boot/restart probles on this drive and Intel has come forward saying the have successfully re-produced the problem and are working on a new firmware that will take time.

    I do not know if this could also be a real problem on servers and RAID environments? Which is what I want them for. $170.00 price tag seems tempting for such a brand name.

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    Based on the experience and confirmation from Intel who can reproduce the issue, it doesn't sound too good.
    We haven't yet put them in production, although we have used the Intel 520's and they are great. Let's hope Intel comes with a fix soon - Online in no time
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