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    * UGVPS -- Service Down!

    Hello WHT members,

    I just wanted to know if any of you have had the same issue.

    I was talking to a guy on one of the IRC Channels I am in and he was asking how he could transfer his stuff from his current VPS to a new on from RamNode.

    I explained and gave him all the details he needs to know.

    After that he told me that his VPS from UGVPS which he got cheap from their birthday deal has been down for 10+ Hours so could not currently transfer files.

    Personally this is unexceptable considering their website says 99.9% uptime, although there is no guarantee. The guy said that he had an issue with his VPS so submitted a ticket and was resolved within 30 minutes which is good. A couple days later all connection to the VPS was lost but it did come back up so he thought nothing of it. Now the VPS is down with 10+ hours downtime. UGVPS is not responding to any tickets, Live Chat is offline and their 24/7 Support which is stated on their website is no longer.

    Here is the uptime report from Pingdom -

    Here is a benchmark of the VPS when it was online -

    I would like to know if any of you have had this issue or know what is happening.

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    Same. Down since 5 AM EST. Opened ticket, no response. Web chat redirects to ticket.

    My VMs are on the east cost.
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    One of our nodes in Atlanta is currently running FSCK, as soon as this is complete service will be restored.

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    The FSCK is complete and the node is back online. Please open a ticket if you are experiencing any issues.

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