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    Windows Web Editon R2 64Bit

    (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area)

    Hey WHT! I'm wanting to rent a server from OVH for a gaming server with the following specs:

    CPU Intel W3520 2.66 GHz
    RAM: 24 GB

    I've rented multiple servers before both Linux and Windows. I like windows a lot more, but I am wondering of I am able to use Windows Web Edition R2 64-bit

    Am I able to use all 24GB of ram with it or only 2GB(I think) like the 32-bit?

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    Since R2 is 64-bit, you will be able to use the full 24 GB of RAM on the Web Edition.
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    If your game doesn't run via HTTP, then the Web Edition license doesn't allow you to run under it.

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    Can you get at least Standard Edition?
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