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    HostingCon 2013 Australian Symposium

    How did that go? Completely missed it only seen it just now looking for the next US location
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    It was interesting. Wasn't very big only about 25 folk in total, including the speakers, but was nice to have a small croud, easier to meet everyone there really.

    The guys from actual hosting companies were good. Unfortunately APNIC and Microsoft sold us their product hardcore and went overtime doing so... There's only so long you can hear about the need for IPv6 which we all already know.

    Paralles brought heaps of interesting statistical information on current trends in the market for hosting which seemed to be storage and security on the rise.

    Jon from Syncom really brought a unique structure to the table and made light of the day which was good as it seemed at first, it was a bit heavy.

    Just about everyone spoke of cloud hosting, and then Crucial's time to speak came and spoke about a different way of selling product, but to the group it seemed fairly controversial, basically selling VPS, Cloud, Web hosting through a third party marketplace that sort of proxies through companies. So as a consumer you basically don't even know who you're with just your login details to your control panel and away you go, at least that's what I got from it.

    Other than that, Rackspace seemed to be everyone's devil and the weird Scon/Cake things were delicious.

    All in all, the day was good, would have been interesting to see some more people there, but the croud was very diverse even with the few numbers which were present.

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    Oh Did I miss it ?
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