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    Post Starter vps required

    Im looking for vps for my starter sites(php and mysql sites with users signin options as well as visitors)
    my requirements:
    - 3 diffrent sites on same plan
    - cpanel or any other easy admin panel to manage the sites
    - at least 100 visitors/users simultaneously can use the sites
    budget:up to 15 $ for month
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    Do you need a control panel on this since you are putting 3 sites? If yes, your budget is not enough unless you use a free control panel.
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    Free control panel its ok too

    I just need phpmyadmin or any other alternative
    file manager
    and redirect managment for the domains

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    try they seems to have good offers under your budget. and u can also get free directadmin on openvz vps and kvm vps(request needed) i talked with them about vps few days ago. but i dont need it now so waiting. u can give them a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by my555 View Post
    Im looking for vps for my starter sites(php and mysql sites with users signin options as well as visitors)
    my requirements:
    - 3 diffrent sites on same plan
    - cpanel or any other easy admin panel to manage the sites
    - at least 100 visitors/users simultaneously can use the sites
    budget:up to 15 $ for month
    " at least 100 visitors/users simultaneously can use the sites "
    This is not easy to find a fit vps if "simultaneously" mean at the same time (100req/s).
    Which location do you expect?
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    location ?

    europe/usa doesnt matter much

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    Should the VPS be managed or unmanaged?

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    Have you taken a look at Some good VPS offers on there.
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    unmanaged vps its ok

    its cheaper so i guess unmanaged

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    cPanel license is 15$,you you should raise your budget or switch to cheaper panels like directadmin or free like klxo and webmin and ... - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    Check out Ramnode. lowendbox usually has promo codes for ~38%-%40 percent off.

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    any of your recommendation is good

    but i can find lots of hosts like that on google too
    question is,your recommendation is based on your experince with those host companies with php/mysql site ?
    can you add link to the sites you run there?thx

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    What about ram and disk, bandwidth etc?

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    my guess is tht i need atleast 1gb for 100 users

    so 1gb will be ok for start
    bandwidth and hd - the more the better but not critical right now

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    If they have a location that suits you, I highly recommend Ramnode.

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    ramnode payment is only with paypal

    i prefer to pay not via paypal..a host that accept credit card

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    my555 - We accept PayPal and 2CO (credit card).
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    On the lower end, a VPS with 512MB dedicated RAM should do to run your MySQL/PHP combo. You can even run something free like ZPanel to easily manage your multiple sites and cut down on CPanel licensing fees.

    If you are brave you can just run PHP, MySQL, BIND, control it with Webmin and cut out the panel altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick A View Post
    my555 - We accept PayPal and 2CO (credit card).
    Highly recommend these guys. They are the only company I dare trust with my serious personal and business websites and applications.

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    Did you check at lowend box? Search around, you should be able to find a VPS with DirectAdmin at least for the budget that you have.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
    Managed Hosting Solution|24/7/365 Support
    Datacentar and servers location: Holland, Europe

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    If you use free control panel by this budget you can get good vps but for paid control panel that is not enough or your vps might low configuration.
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    Try search lowendbox then get the webuzo for single hosting panel. Easy to handle and managed. Get my iniz vps at lowendbox Top Providers Q3 2013 promo. Good luck ^_^

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    100 each or 100 total?

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    $15 not enough to get started with cPanel VPS.
    Example: $6 1GB VPS
    $15 cPanel VPS License
    Total: $21

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    Based on your budget, there are so many choices out there in the market. Any preferred location? - Defining Superior Service
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    You can't use a VPS with cPanel as the license for cPanel is $15/month for a VPS.

    Look into shared hosting.

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