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    mail.* subdomains all of sudden showing in Google

    I just noticed that for all of my domains the mail.* subdomains are showing in Google and are indexed. (with the default Apache page)

    (What I did last week was change to Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.4 and some settings may be different now.)

    I am aware I can disable the indexing for each individual site (eg. with robots.txt or an index.html) but I am looking for a solution without having to do this for ALL sites. I also never had this problem before.

    I am not even *using* any mail server on the host, all my mails go over gmail. I would like to know what setting created the mail.subdomains in the first place and how can I change this back and also get rid of all those "mail." subdomains.

    I also see that some of my domains now are accessible via HTTP as

    Obviously, all those "mail" and "ftp" subdomains have the default Apache site on them, I need to get rid of this.

    Support told me to edit my DNS Zone, but I never had a reason to do this before, each domain always automatically has its ftp/www/mail etc. DNS domains created, so why should I all of a sudden start editing my DNS zones? The problem is that those default pages are showing in Google and are getting indexed, not their existence!


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    I think, it is DNS mistake. check DNS record and correct it ,hope it will solve your issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irfan-EyHost View Post
    I think, it is DNS mistake. check DNS record and correct it ,hope it will solve your issue.
    All DNS does is store addresses so it could never have been DNS, it's too simple.

    At a guess, I'd say you have a webserver process listening to all IPs and virtual hosts, which means that Google is seeing something when it checks the ftp and mail virtual hosts.

    Obviously, that's something you may want to look at. But in the meantime you may have some success setting up a robots.txt banning search engines from all content there - this will get your current entries deleted from Google in the next little while (guessing - maybe a few weeks?).

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    I do of course understand how to use a robots.txt, but in my particular case, WHAT exact folders do I need to block? Do they even exist?

    Say I have a site

    folder structure


    there is no folder "mail" or "ftp" in the public_html folder or in the folder for the domain, so there is nothing to exclude with robots.txt

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