ShoutCast 1.9.8 or Icecast Streaming Hosted with Rhode Island Hosting Solutions

Only $2.99 a Month

Whats included

Centova Cast 3.0 panel
FTP access for Autodj MP3 upload.
Autodj Access (icescc) (cross fade or encode on the fly disabled)
DJ login accounts
relaying streams
stop and start your stream
Configure your settings
listeners stats
Track song play in a month (if needed)
play list links
Scripts to show songs playing for your website widgets.
Plus many more feature for centova cast 3.0

Server Spec's
Dual Core
8GB of Ram
4 3TB Hard Drives (centova Cast files are on it's own drive) ( Centova Cast also get backed up to another spare drive.)
1 Gbps connection
Centova Cast 3.0
Location Denver, CO USA or Zlin Czech republic, eu

Starter Plan
128 kbps
100 listeners limit
500Gb of bandwidth
3 GB of disk space for autodj

$2.99 a month


bandwidth 5Tb $5.00 month
Listeners slots -
200 $2.99 /month
400 $8.97 /month
500 $11.96 /month
700 $17.94 /month
1000 $26.91 /month

Signup Link

ShoutCast Denver:
IceCast Denver:
ShoutCast Zlin:
IceCast Zlin:

Accepted PayPal, 2Checkout