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    eNom customer service

    A big problem with them this weekend.

    I realised this morning that one of my website was down, checked my other sites that were ok so it was not the server. I contacted my host anyway and they replied a minute later saying my domain name was on clienthold at the registrar.

    I do businness with namecheap so I opened a ticket over there. After investigating the situation they replied that it was not them, so now that they opened their own ticket with eNom I must of course be patient...

    The problem is that after more than 10 hours it looks like namecheap are still waiting for answers from eNom. Meanwhile my forum is unavailable of course, meaning most members and advertisers don't know what is happening right now.

    So that is eNom's customer service? I suspend your domain name without any notice, I don't even notify the reseller, and then I take all the time I want to supply info on why a domain name has been suspended to the stupid customer .

    At least when it's a problem with the host you take your backup and you move, but if you are ignored by the registrar, what can you do? Sorry guys, just needed to vent.

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    Namecheap is a reseller of Enom? The way I understand it, they are not reseller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Namecheap is a reseller of Enom? The way I understand it, they are not reseller.
    NameCheap is an ICANN registrar but doesn't use it to register domains. They still operate as reseller of Enom for all (most?) extensions.

    ClientHold means it's expired. Is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno View Post

    ClientHold means it's expired. Is it?
    Nope, still good until end of january. And if I look on my settings management at namecheap the domain name looks fine, but in fact it isn't...

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    24 hours later and still no sign from eNom.

    I guess they don't realise that their customers are humans... not just credit cards.

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    have you tried calling enom yourself? are not an enom customer, you are a namecheap customer, it's not enom's's namecheaps

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    What's the latest status on your domain name? Has this been settled?

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    We are direct resellers under eNom, just like Namecheap. We have our own direct business management person at eNom who handles our account. I have his direct phone number, and was told to contact him in case of major problem. There is also a phone number for eNom technical support.

    In all the years we've been partners with eNom, we've *never* had to wait 24 hours for a major problem to be investigated and resolved.

    In other words, I'm pretty sure namecheap has access to the same eNom support lines we do. They (namecheap) are simply not using them effectively. It's most likely they (namecheap) simply submitted a support ticket into the enom system and are waiting for a reply. They are perfectly capable (perhaps not willing) to use a different support method on your behalf. (Pick up the phone and call either support or their business manager at enom.)

    So.. is this an enom problem? Yes and no. Yes, in that I agree the generic online ticket system at enom can be slow. No, in that any major problem can easily be resolved quickly by actually picking up the phone and calling one of the other support options available to every direct enom reseller.

    I hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno View Post
    ClientHold means it's expired. Is it?
    Generally, registrars put that status on the domain name if there's a - knock on wood - potential breach-of-contract or legal issue. I wonder if that's what happened in the OP's situation.

    I have some ideas, but...better to wait for the OP to respond, if ever.

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    eNom customer service is slow via ticket support. We called once about an SSL Certificate issue and was in queue for next available representative for quite some time. Then waited 10 minutes and called had to wait in queue about 3 minutes. They resolved the issue promptly over the phone. Overall, we like their service.
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    Glad to see a enom support rep reply to this thread with information on you to contact then. Hopefully they can sort this situation out and your site will be up. Sadly that you have got so much downtime on your website. May I know what's the exact downtime you have on your site because of this issue. I would be very mad if I was you. Hope all goes well and they can get to the bottom of this.

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