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    Custom server work - windows 2008r2


    I am under a time crunch and need to outsource some work.

    We are running Windows 2008R2

    We need to setup the following:

    - A web folder that can be mapped to a client workstation
    - Folder will contain sub-folders for two supervisors and 20 employees
    - Permissions need to be set for each employee to have access to only their folder. Supervisors will have access to all employee folders
    - Must have forced SSL when logging on to the mapped drive on the client workstations.
    - Folder access credentials should match up with existing email address usernames and passwords

    Please PM your quotes

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    Contact me on skype : ashishamre2008
    to discuss further

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    Are we talking about sharepoint here ?
    Sam - Expertise in Windows/Linux server support, IaaS and PaaS Management - Custom Software Development
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