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    * [Romania] Unmetered XEN VPS from 4EUR/mo.


    About Clues.RO

    Our head office and datacenter is based in Bucharest, Romania. The services we can offer you are traditional hosting solutions (collocation, dedicated servers, VPS, server administration), connectivity, network services ( IP VPN ), data safety consultancy (data backup), IT&C consultancy (project management, network infrastructure, data check and backups).

    More here..


    AS58207 - The network upstream is realized in Frankfurt and Bucharest by some of the biggest providers in the world such as Cogent, Global Crossing, Level 3 and Telia. We peer in Romania with almost all the local providers. The network infrastructure is based ONLY on cisco hardware.

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    What we can offer

    - 99.9% Uptime
    - Free offsite backups
    - No contracts
    - Monthly payments
    - No setup fees
    - Enterprise level hardware
    - Customizable solutions
    - 24 x 7 on site support

    Our VPS plans based on XEN can be found below:

    VPS 256

    256MB RAM
    10GB HDD
    Unmetered bandwidth
    1 IP

    Only 4EUR/month - Order here

    512MB RAM
    25GB HDD
    Unmetered bandwidth
    2 IPs

    Only 8EUR/month - Order here

    768MB RAM
    50GB HDD
    Unmetered bandwidth
    3 IPs

    Only 15EUR/month - Order here

    1024MB RAM
    100GB HDD
    Unmetered bandwidth
    5 IPs

    Only 25EUR/month - Order here

    2048 MB RAM
    200GB HDD
    Unmetered bandwidth
    10 IPs

    Only 40EUR/month - Order here

    Contact Us

    Email: vanzari (at)
    Phone: +4 031 630 0318
    Website: Clues.RO

    Our office and datacenter is maintained 24 x 7 x 365 with level 3 technicians that will handle english very well.

    Prices are excluding 24 % VAT.


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    I am curious, actually, about latency and thoroughput. Could you, please, put somewhere 100MB compressed file? TIA.

    ...and spotting several broken links on your website I've tried to let you know, but:
    „Not Found
    The requested URL /clienti/contact.php&language=English was not found on this server. (...)”

    Best regards

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    Please use:

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    Most impressive:
    18.9 MB/s (avg) from Hetzner (.de) and 4.70 MB/s from AMS.
    (and RTT not bad as for so many hops).

    Thank you very much.

    but it might be due to the contents: all zeroes.

    [email protected]:~$ gzip
    [email protected]:~$ ls -l
    -rw-r--r-- 1 me me 101800 May 25 2009

    yes, I know I didn't asked for compressing the real file, but, technically, 100 MB of zeroes isn't „100MB compressed file” :^)
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