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    New Social Networking Site

    Testing out a social networking site and want some feedback for what you guys think. Website is! Hope to get some feedback soon.

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    Not fond of their logo, but everything else looks ok.
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    the design is so good, i think you have done a wonderful work

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    As we need to register to test it, not much to say as I won't register. However first page sound pro. logo on global map countries, why for as they ain't linked.

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    I would improve the opening page text. I think it would be good to add some type of improved call to action. Also would like to see a bit more detail about what features are offered. Maybe a bullet point list like -Video, -Pictures, -Blog etc. One other thing I would try to implement is the ability to check out the site and user profiles before you actually sign up. It gives the potential user a much better idea of what he is signing up for. Good luck and keep us posted on the project. Might sign up later and give the site a test run.

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