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Thread: OS Reloading

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    OS Reloading

    I'm very new to colocation Hosting. I just want to know how do you guys Install OS. By CD? Is there have any easy method to install OS. For a example Hetzner AG giving a system call robet for clients. Customers can reload os by them self. I want to use like that system . Advice me .

    Thank you

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    You can do that via IPMI/KVM with Netinstall or CD
    or try noc-ps.
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    From my knowledge hetzner is offering robot for dedicated servers. (not sure for colocation)

    So your options while colocating your servers in a data center:
    1. This days most servers come with IPMI, you can manually install the server.
    2. If you prefer automatic installation go with a solution like Cobbler, FAI or custom kickstart/preseed.
    3. Take a look at: - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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    Some providers have created custom tools allowing customers to re-install their dedicated/colo servers on the fly. You'll want to see if the provider who interest you offers such thing.

    Many providers also attach KVM devices free of charge on demand should a customer require it.

    Lastly most machines now-a-days have IPMI.

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