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  1. #1 cheapest and the Best hosting i have ever seen

    Today , After 2 Months Hosting My Website With i am leaving this review for the people who want to know what kind of service weloveservers provide . On the day i purchased my Vps on , i was bit confused why they provide such cheap vps & shared hosting , i was searching for reviews but was unable to find one ,after that i decided to buy their vps for just a try as they provide very cheap vp servers with good configurations, i selected a Vps server with 80GB Disk Space , 2GB Ram , 4x Intel Xeon Quad Core and 1.5 TB Transfer @ JUST $15 For 3 Months , I think That was a Promotional Offer That i saw on a forum , I paid them through paypal and got my Vps Instantly Just after payment was successful , They Provide Really Very Very & Very Good Service , I was satisfied with their services from day 1 . There was no problem at all but for testing purpose i submitted a Ticket regarding Information on cPanel & Php & Got Instant response within one or two minutes, They Helped me a lot and even helped me using third party products also , Its been 2 Months+ Now Hosting My Website With Them and i Have Never Got any Problem regarding Vps or Uptime They Really provide 99.9% uptime , i am very very very satisfied with their service , i have heard cheap things are always useless but welovesevers proved this wrong. i will host my new projects with them only as my first priority will be always weloveservers.

    Thanks Weloveservers

    << snipped >>

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    Yeah i agree with you cuz everytime i browse the advt forum's . Their offer's sound to be the cheapest

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    Look I'm not against that pricing model because I had a similar one but as soon as I sold my business - the new owners could not manage the low margins.

    The reason I got out was the amount of stress I endured so would I sell cheap VPS's again absolutely not and would strongly urge you to rethink especially if your going to host mission critical stuff.
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    i agree with you

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    I agree

    I am a customer of them for 8 months and had almost no problems is very good service

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    i'm a new customer since BF, but i have to say they are great! the ticket is so fast to be solved and the server is rock.
    great provider!

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    So much love for this 1 year old provider!
    Good for them, making people sign up to forums and brag about how happy they are.
    Their quality must be exceptional!

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