Hello WHT,

I'm over 8 years experienced in Linux System Administration field at ISP and Hosting provider

I am experienced as a sysadmin, technical officer, Network Operation Center (NOC), and IT Consultant as well.

Key Skills are listed below,

Control Panel's : cPanel, kloxo, webuzo, virtualmin, SolusVM, virtualizor, etc.

* Perform troubleshooting/ resolve problems
* Actively monitoring network Server status
* Server Securities
* Server Hardening
* Planning and implementation of backup technologies.
* Installing and configuring.
* Server Monitoring
* HDD management
* Problem Solving for Firewall, Security, hacking, and abuse issues
* can investigate hack attempts & log all incident chronology
* can configure and manage APF, CSF, IPTABLES, KISS firewalls

Virtualization : Have hands on OpenVZ, Xen, KVM, Virtuozzo virtualizations.

Email Server: Zimbra ZCS, postfix, exim

For Resume, please drop an email to xnarehx[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you