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    Thumbs up Best Host I have used Eleven2

    I am not an Affiliate but just wanted to give a shout out to a company that doesn't get a lot of press. Eleven2 is the best Host I have used. I have a reseller account and Doing Business all over the world I needed a company with:

    Great Customer Service

    Worldwide Presence

    Powerful Technology

    Great Uptime

    What I got was:

    Amazing Customer Service from peole who obviously know their stuff.

    They Do Business and have locations all over the world, so do I so it was a perfect solution for me.

    Wickedly Powerful Technology. I love my IPAD APP to manage my WHM. I know people have their favorites but some companies focus too much on advertising and not enough on their Infrastructure and Technology. Eleven2 is a 5 star host and perfect for my needs.

    Shawn O

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    What is your domain hosted with them?
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    Glad to hear you're so happy with them. Make sure to report your post so the mods know your domain name.

    Also, how long have you been with Eleven2?

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    Sure about that? Because I'm thinking about moving..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bymaza View Post
    Sure about that? Because I'm thinking about moving..
    Not everyone has the same experience with a particular host...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEQ3 - Sam View Post
    Not everyone has the same experience with a particular host...
    I agree, it's just that I've recently read multiple reviews that share the exact same problems that I have with them.

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    What domain do you have hosted with Eleven2? I am curious as when I had services with them a few months back it was not a pleasant experience.

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    As others mentioned it would give more value to your review if you would like to share your domain with us, specially since this is your first post on WHT.
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    Best Host I have used Eleven2

    You are doing better than me. My sites go down everyday. Are currently down and have been for hours...
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    This is obviously not a real person giving this review. I'm calling BS on this one. My service with them has been an absolute nightmare and in less you hate your life you will not sign up with them. Their support is horrific. There uptime, I'm not sure why they can legally operate a hosting business. Multiple times a day all my sites go down because there is a heavy load on the server and this is after being migrated to a server that this was not supposed to happen on.

    There is no way on earth that your review is real and if you still are going to claim that you are, I challenge you to install on your domains and post what your real uptime is after it running for a week.

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    I saw many opposite reviews around www

    It is good always to listen to different opinions

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