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    Sadly.. My bad review with Bitesites

    Very similar situation as (/showthread.php?t=1258957&highlight=Bitesites)

    Been with them for little over 3 years and have had no issues til this past year... Randomly my client login stopped working. I requested a password reset, Got the email to confirm and after that no new password was ever sent. I brought this to their attention months back when I had to send in a ticket to have it reset (Which redirects and 404's when you click the ticket link in email)... Which is still doing the same exact thing

    After a few days and having to submit a ticket I finally got it reset. (Even after offering numerous times on live support I could confirm any account details)

    Today my services get suspended without absolutely no reasoning or email in regards to why I'm suspended. So I go to the bitesites homepage, Click contact and attempt to call the number listed (Live support was offline) The number rings to a guy who has absolutely no clue what Bitesites is and the number listed is no longer the actual number for support...

    Finally I get to live support and after being explained within 30 minutes I would have a response to my ticket I get one an hour later, with a very abrupt reasoning in to why my hosting was suspended (Sub directory was using too many resources).

    I'm now awaiting for them to clear that directory and restore my services.. But still I'm completely in the blind here on why they didn't try to contact me prior to suspending me.

    The overall support I've gotten has been sub par from what it used to be... Disappointed.

    Reliability: 8/10
    Support: 2/10
    Speed & Performance: 9/10
    Price: 8/10

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    Thanks for your review about bitesites, sadly it's a negative. I Went on their website and was spammed by a support box. Went of it straight away.

    Could you report your post with your domain to the moderators so they can verify your review please.
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    So sad when a good relationship with a host goes wrong after so long.

    Quote Originally Posted by CW Mike View Post
    I Went on their website and was spammed by a support box.
    Telling me! The annoying thing is you can't get rid of it. It's not a proper modal, so when you click on the "X" to close it down it also passes the click through to the link behind. So it loads another page - which presents you with the same support box all over again!.

    Anyway - I hope you get things fixed with them, or manage to find another host that works out better. Keep us updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinSD View Post

    Been with them for little over 3 years
    Confirmed thanks
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    After you get your account straightened out let us all know how it goes if you feel they are no longer a good fit then you should peal through the reviews and make a list of your top 5 and go from there

    All the Best
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    It's quite common to get suspended with no prior notification. If your domain is causing overall server problems then it needs to be disabled to fix the issues. However, after suspending your domain a host should send you an email informing that the domain has been suspended and why. That is just a common courtesy.
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