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    Can i migrate my data from a website hosting server to my own private one?

    I think the title explains it already,
    Im wondering if one day my social website or app grows bigger and i need to move all the data to another server or to my own company server. Is this possible?
    Thatnk you advance

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    Re: Can i migrate my data from a website hosting server to my own private one?

    Sure is possible, depending on whether you'll be using a server control panel would depend how you did it but its 100% possible.

    If it got to a point where your site was too big for a single server you could setup a database server or servers and have your files delivered from seperate servers.

    Hope this answers your question
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    Re: Can i migrate my data from a website hosting server to my own private one?

    Most hosts can do this for you, it might be worth your while seeing what they can offer
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    Yes its possible....
    You could transfer your account from the shared hosting to a Dedicated server. Migration procedures vary according to the current Control panel you are using.


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    Thank you guys for your fast reply and help

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthHosts View Post
    Most hosts can do this for you
    Not for a dedicated server. You'll be hard pressed to find a server company (even VPS) that will migrate your data for you, that's just asking too much

    As others have said though, it is, indeed possible. A few things you can do to keep the work needed for this reasonable:

    #1: Use up to date standards (mysqli instead of mysql for php, as an example)

    #2: Clean out your mailbox. Archive it. You'd be surprised at how many emails can fit in a 1g email box, and that takes forever to compress/uncompress

    #3:use the KISS principle. You don't want to be moving 5000 files, adjusting 5000 files every time. Use includes, global headers and footers, try NOT to rely too much on paths that might change (such as /home/user/etc). Direct calls to files should be something like
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