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    Need a Dedicated server 4tb hd recommendations

    Hi, im new to the site and see it is very helpful for recommendations and i really need help with finding a company that is trustworthy and has good reviews.
    My budget is ideally below $200 a month.

    My site is kind of a file management site and people can download and upload files and stream indy music.

    I am looking for a lot of bandwidth with fast download and upload speeds as well as fast site speeds

    3-4tb disk space is greatly needed.

    If anyone can help please could you post links to set-ups please or inbox me, thank you very much.

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    also my bandwidth for last month was 500gb

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    only 500gb? do u realy u need dedicated server? if do then try for cheap servers.even if u add cpanel it should be under ur budget.

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    Any location requirement? These stored files are legal ?
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    location: US
    also would like 1 Gbit/s port
    everything is legal


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deluxservers View Post
    Have you chacked dedicated offer section?
    cant find it do you have a link please

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    Have you checked the Dedicated server plans of limestone networks or iweb. I hope by this you could get a dedicated server from them. You could also customize the server if required. We are having servers from both the DC's and are happy with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by reldegart View Post
    only 500gb? do u realy u need dedicated server?
    Due to the amount of diskspace required, Dedicated will probably be the least expensive option. A cheap low-end server, with alot of diskspace, and he can come in at half that budget even probably. Gives him plenty of room to add RAID, backups, control panel software, maybe even remote reboot/IPMI, and even still com in below budget...

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    You need a dedicated server when you want to use the server fully. I mean if you are operating some of the tasks that are based on applications that requires high CPU and RAM usage and fast connection then dedicated server is good for you.

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    Here you go. Hardware RAID too.

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    For that budget you can get much more bandwidth. If you plan to expand and have more users it would be wise to have higher bandwidth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPiang View Post
    You have to read thought all the providers TOS as some of the provider does not allowed File download site etc also DMCA issues.
    He mentioned " Every thing is legal ". So I do not thing he will have any issue for DMCA in anywhere.
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