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    Thumbs down - New customer experience

    This is one piece of hosting company.yesterday I registered one VPS with them and paid money for it and after paying money I didst get the activation mail.when I tried to contact to hosting.the staff was roaming in lala land and replied me am not at office you contact [email protected] I mailed to n00bs.they replied with one reference number and no resolution even after several mails from past 24 hours.Its a <<snipped>> website and hosting and I am going to file a case against them.I recommend not to pay a penny to these <<snipped>> because you wont get anything back.the hosting and support is dead.if you try to reset pass or activate mail.all you get a failed blank email from them.see the 3 images which proves they are.please choose another hosting if you want to save your money.
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    Did you try phoning the support personel? The have phone numbers for every department. What time did you order your VPS? Customer services are only active from 8:00 to 18:00 UK time.

    They are a registered UK company and have been active from 2008, so I don't think they meant to mislead you. You need to be patient when ordering services, a lot of companies do not activate VPS's instantly. - Linux & Windows Xen VPS Servers
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    I don't see the point of the images you posted. How does this prove they are "fraud"?
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    On a general note, libelous claims don't get you very far with a legit operation and the real fraudsters don't care anyway. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by z1wb View Post
    You should wait for more time and try to contact them. These pictures are not shows that thay are fraud.
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    I work for Tagadab, the hosting company in question.

    A customer placed an order for a windows VPS yesterday at 15.34. Less than 20 minutes later he emailed my personal email address calling our services "********" because the server was not ready. I was not in the office yesterday and I suggested he send an email to our support.

    The VPS finished installing at 17.04. (This is longer than normal because the customer had selected a quite old version of Windows and we run auto-update before releasing the server.) Our system sent an email confirming this.

    This customer clearly thinks that Tagadab is not a very good hosting service and on balance we think he's probably not our favourite customer either. I'm sure there are plenty of hosting companies that won't mind a customer being abusive and insulting despite having been delivered exactly what they ordered but Tagadab is not one of them.

    I have refunded the customer the princely sum of £1 (our price for the first week of a VPS) and closed his account so he can find a hosting company more to his taste.

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    It isn't good to just come out and start complaining about VPS service that you just ordered and better yet you paid a dollar for the whole month heck you'll be lucy you get support from that company for a price like that. See what can happen because of this now the host refunded your money and does not want anything to do with you the customer.
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