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    Add-on domain redirect - What's going on?

    Hello everyone.

    I'm still fairly new to website and hosting related problems, so please bear with me.
    I currently have two domains on my hosting service, one being an add-on.

    The thing is (I think, not sure if it's meant to do this) that the add-on domain redirects to the (its) directory under my main domain: www[.]maindomain[.]net/addon[.]com/somepagethatwontworkproperly
    and the same happens if I use the sub-domain and so forth. When this happens only plain text and links load, not the website.

    If I direct my add-on domain to itself in cPanel I get the 'Too Many Redirects' page but I can access other pages in the directory without being sent though my main domain, and they load correctly.

    Could someone please let me know what's going on, or hint me, so that I can have some more knowledge on this.

    Thank you for reading,

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    I would suggest that somewhere in the hosting you would be needing a domain alias?

    Domain Alias: will forward your second (secondard) domains requests to the first (parent)
    Domain forwarding: will forward the request to where ever you ask it to.

    Does your webhost offer telephone support?

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    What made it work was replacing the .htaccess with the one 'straight out of the box' - that comes with Wordpress.

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    Ah, that would do it, sorry I didnt see a mention of wordpress in your OP, but glad you have got it sorted

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