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    vzkernel (RHEL6) 042stab081.8 + vzctl/vzctl-core 4.6-1 Released (10/29/13)

    I'm testing the new vzctl offsite this weekend. I can't say that I'm excited about the implementation of vzoversell/vm_overcommit parameters. Easily bypassed I'm sure, though I still need to read through the manpages to learn a bit more. I'm particularly excited about the secondary UBC parameter support under vswap. Under certain circumstances or client request I've been setting these parameters manually and modifying the individual $CTID.conf and then cloning it as ve-$CTID.conf-sample to prevent the control panel from overwriting the custom configs.

    ( @alons, Can you please submit a feature request to your team to build, test, and eventually release support for manual additions/changes to privvmpages/lockedpages/vmguarpages/oomguarpages please? These parameters are not definable by the admin in the existing UBC configuration of Virtualizor 2.3.7. I believe I addressed some UBC concerns with Virtualizor you in my PM to you in early October )

    VZCTL 4.6-1
    Changes Since 4.5.1:

    New functionality

    Add iolimit and iopslimit (need kernel >= 042stab084.2 -- currently in the testing tier)
    Add optional VM_OVERCOMMIT/--vm_overcommit parameter
    In VSwap mode, set some secondary UBCs if unset:

    *vm_overcommit (if set)
    vzoversell: add
    vztmpl-dl: add --list-orphans
    vztmpl-dl: add --quiet/--no-quiet
    vzubc: don't show unlimited ubcs by default; add -v to show
    vzlist: add new fields (vm_overcommit, iolimit, iopslimit)


    Fix quota on ploop for RHEL5 CT
    vzctl console: hack to force redraw on reattach
    set_ublimit(): don't set unknown UBs to unlim (#2760)
    init.d/vzeventd: set reboot_event (#2764)
    arch.conf: add POST_CREATE (#2371)
    configure: fix libdir for Debian/Ubuntu case
    ct_env_create_real(): fix build for IA64
    vzctl create, vzctl exec: do skip fsck
    init.d/vz-gentoo: fix setting default for NET_MODULES and PLOOP_MODULES
    init.d/vz-redhat: don't reset cpulimits for all CTs


    Add a way to not modify sysctl.conf on installation (#2375)
    vzctl set --reset_ub: only allow for running CT
    init.d/vzeventd-redhat: switch to strict bash
    vz-postinstall: don't add bridge params to sysctl.conf
    vzlist: skip mounted status check if not needed
    vzubc: print errors to stderr
    vzctl start: don't start CT if /proc mount failed
    vzevent-stop: check for suspend/chkpnt
    init.d/vz*: unset io limits before stopping CT
    [build] add build_id, use getopt
    assorted minor code improvements

    Changes Since 042stab081.5:

    proc: fix negative start time in /proc/PID/stat (PSBM-22925)
    ipc: fix freeque() vs do_msgsnd() race on ipc_rcu_putref (PSBM-23024)
    ploop: fix iblk-to-sector calculations in v2 with over 2 TB size (PSBM-22961)
    Last edited by Technolojesus; 11-01-2013 at 10:04 PM. Reason: Typo'd rev # for vzkernel
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    >> Can you please submit a feature request to your team to build, test, and eventually release support for manual additions/changes to privvmpages/lockedpages/vmguarpages/oomguarpages please?

    Sir, these variables are used to calculate the RAM of the VPS.
    Tampering with these variables can cause a VM to go down.
    We avoided adding these variables for the fact that some admins might accidentally set them.
    If you want then we will add it.
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