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    * Wordpress Hosting For Wordpress Lovers

    Hello Wordpress Lovers!

    We are from and we are providing shared hosting for Wordpress Lovers and so the others!

    With the end of autumn coming, we are extremely pleased to announce our end-of autumn sale, which can save you heaps of money!

    If you are getting tired of overloaded servers and other unpleasant stuffs that always appears on your server, then we are here to help you out and host your beloved Wordpress websites on our Wordpress-optimized servers!

    We are providing dedicated shared hosting for all of our customers!

    What is dedicated shared hosting?

    Dedicated shared hosting is server that offer hosting service to a limited numbers of clients. We do not oversell the servers and all the clients will get what they paid for.

    Typical shared hosting plans are costly and are oversold, which make them slow, unresponsive and eventually, downtime. WPHunger servers are tweaked with the best hardware and software so you don't need to worry about the downtime anymore!

    Why choose us? The answer is simple! We used to face lots of issues that were happened in the past and we know what issues we have faced! So we know what is best for WORDPRESS.

    Our main goals is to provide affordable hosting to all of the Wordpress lovers.

    We cannot say that we are better than other Hosters but we are Lovers and Lovers will never let their Love get DOWN!!
    If you are Hungery enough to join us then please come and visit us at

    Our current end-of autumn promotion
    Use the coupon code AUTUMN13 to receive 20% off!

    *Our Plans*

    Economy Package

    Free Domain* = 1 Domain
    Dedicated Space = 10 GB
    E-mails = 10
    Bandwidth = 50 GB
    Addon Domains = 10
    CP = cPanel
    Best for Beginners
    Price = 3.00USD/Month

    Order now at

    Premium Package

    Free Domain* = 1 Domain
    Dedicated Space = 50 GB
    E-mail = Unlimited E-mails
    Bandwidth = 100 GB
    Addon Domains = 50
    CP = cPanel
    Best For Developers
    Price = 10.00USD/Month

    Order now at

    PRO Package

    Free Domain* = 1 Domain
    Dedicated Space = Unlimited GB (Don't worry about space we will add Lovely HDD when your site reach max amount of data)
    E-mails = Unlimited E-mails
    Bandwidth = Unlimited GB
    Addon Domains = Unlimited
    CP = cPanel
    Best for BUSINESS.
    Price = 20.00USD/Month

    Order now at

    Our Servers

    All of our servers are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon E3 series processors with multiple cores and threads.

    We use SAS drives which are faster than the traditional SATA drives to boost the performance of your site.

    We also use RAID 1+0 technology to ensure the data security and speed.

    You won't find those old DDR2 RAM's in our servers, we only use a minimum of 32GB DDR3 ECC (Error Correction Code) RAM.

    Website Link =
    Hosting for Wordpress Lovers
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