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    Anyone using ? didn't find any reviews anywhere.

    How is their network and uptime ? Support ?

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    I'm using them for about 8-12 months now, started with few websites, upgraded to vps and for 3 months I have a 1gbit unmetered server. So far I'm very happy with them, with 300 euro I get a truly unmetered server, tested it during the day and even the peak time.
    I'll probably need soon to get another dedi as the one I have is flat 1gbit for 4-6 hours over the day and there is no point looking for anyone else as yes, I'm happy with
    The support is there 24 x 7 and they even helped optimizing my nginx and php-fpm
    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolnikin View Post
    Anyone using ? didn't find any reviews anywhere.

    How is their network and uptime ? Support ?
    I even can`t remember for how long I`m using their services, to bo honest!
    First, they proved to me in facts that their infrastructure is the best I ever used till now! Using their hosting servers for my websites that I had at the beginning made me (in time) to be more confident in and to add more websites with every year that passed. I could say we grew up together!

    About uptime I can say that the only period when the server isn`t accessibile is when are made important security updates or upgrades, but the time is very short and another positive aspect is that every thime I was announced before for those updates!

    Recently, we added a national forum for musicians in Romania, users of Korg products. We had more support from than I ever had on any other site before, and our project was so succesfull because we had their support! Thanks for that!

    Concluding, I am one of the satisfied customers of services. If anyone has any doubts about that, I can prove every aspect I mentioned in this post (there are a lot of hosting "companies" wich are praise them selves, but their services sucks, so I want that my review to reflect just the reality).

    One last aspect is, considering you could have any serios problem, that their support is great. In shortest time they solve our problems, so not just only they answer quick to our support tickets..they solve them!!

    Hope to find my review usefull, coolnikin!

    Good luck!

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    We have few servers with them E3 models with Gigabit connection.Since last 6 mnths we didnt face any network downtime.Support also good, We didnt need to open many tickets since the network is solid .Their CEO paul replies our mails mostly within 5mins.
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    We use colocation servers services offered by from almost 10 months and everything is ok. The network is fast and stable and the customer support is very professional and efficient. I highly recommend !

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