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    a web application to store password?

    any open source web application where you can install it in your own server and store passwords
    Thank you (Just in case I forget)

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    Not sure what you mean exactly. Would you like a password-keeping script or are wondering how you would store passwords in a database?

    When you say application, I assume you mean some type of script?

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    Try PasswordVault! That's what we use.

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    How about using apache with htaccess?

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    Re: a web application to store password?

    I guess u want to store diffrent login details in an app. Better not use any web app fot it as it might get hacked. Cant u use keallet in desktop,
    The coder.

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    Re: a web application to store password?

    Sorry for the typo, I mean kwallet.
    The coder.

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    I mean a web open source that I can host myself
    Thank you (Just in case I forget)

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    Try this one

    it's 8 bucks,but totally worth it.
    Coming soon...

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    May I suggest installing OwnCloud, with SSL, on your server, which is free. Enable AES encryption, but realize that the keys are also stored on the server. Then take a digital wallet or password manager with WebDav capabilities and the strongest encryption you can (AES) and store the data for your wallet on the server in owncloud. The PW Manager/wallet's keys are never kept on server and in fact the data will be quite secure round trip, your device to server (where it sits) and back to the same or a different device, as long as all is setup ok.

    There are so many PW managers, some with notes capabilities, wallets are a little limited, but you can find all kinds of device connectivity and security features. Don't just store the PW's on the server without encryption beginning and ending on your device.

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    We use Teampass. It is quite useful.
    Prashant T.

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