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Thread: Aim low...

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    Aim low...

    Just got this, and found it amusing. If you're going to scam and phish, you can't afford to risk too much of your own money, so the ATM offer is a bit meager...

    Before I commence I will like to explain myself to you,my name is Mrs.BERTH (World Bank)director I has agree to divart your fund of $6.48USD to
    Atm card and all the necessary arrangement is made this moment your fund is in Atm office waiting for you Address were to deliver it.
    Your name___
    Your country__
    Your address___
    You’re Age/sex__
    Your occupation____
    Direct phone number__
    Your hone phone number__
    Agent inchrange:mr,paul.
    E-MAIL([email protected] )
    Divart away, Mrs. Berth, but be careful about putting mr.paul inchrange. Looking forward to hearing from your depratment at Gmail.
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    Huh... where am I again?
    LOL, $6.48 wont even by a burger at Wendy's.
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    All you can say to that is people these days....

    The sad thing is that I bet a few people actually fell for it.
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    If people did fall for this, I really wonder what age group they were in. Were they too old/young to notice it was a scam?
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    The sad thing is this would be focused at the older generation just learning to use computers and email for the first time to connect to people they haven't seen in years.

    But just like the teenage years;

    - ask one friend for $
    - ask 20 friends for $1...$20, goal achieved twice.

    - classic email scams asking to transfer $50,000...nope
    - new scam, send out 200,000 emails as such, 50,000 respond with $7.00 just to be nice and round it up.....$350,000

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